ZE295 Loader Crane – Sneak Peak
Boom Outrigger Stow Warning (BOSW) alarm inside carrier cab

Since the announcement on July 1, Tadano product specialists have been working hard to get our new range of Vehicle Loader Cranes up and running for Oceania customers, ensuring the machines meet Australian standards.

Our factory trained engineer, Daisuke Minami, recently provided training for Hartrite Pty Ltd in Wagga Wagga and Albury, which covered mounting, operation and maintenance training of a Tadano vehicle loader ZE295.

The ZE295 mounted to the customer’s vehicle

Daisuke says “the most important point of TM mounting is the stability test to determine the crane performance. Standard factory load charts and their range depend on the truck weight and wheelbase it is fitted to. In the case of Hartrite’s ZE295, we were able to stretch it out and confirm the capability of a D chart, which is the highest performance with 360 degree range.”

Options required for Australian standards were also fitted to the machine; including emergency stop switch, Boom Outrigger Stow Warning (BOSW) in the truck cab, flexible outrigger feet and external load indicator lamp.