“One Tadano” Concept shines through in new brand alignment.

Transformation is part of Tadano’s long-term strategy to become No. 1 worldwide in the lifting equipment industry. As part of that transformation, in April of this year Tadano announced the decision to harmonize under a single brand. As a major step in realizing the concept of “One Tadano,” this harmonization is now being implemented worldwide and will be used for all mobile cranes.*

Category names, model names, and standard colouring schemes have been harmonized for all terrain cranes and truck cranes produced at Tadano Faun GmbH; lattice boom crawler cranes, telescopic boom crawler cranes, and all terrain cranes produced at Tadano Demag GmbH; and telescopic boom crawler cranes produced at Tadano Mantis Corporation.

For all terrain cranes, the new model names will feature the type/family name, followed by the number of axles, the lifting capacity in metric tons, engine and/or boom specs (where applicable), and then the version number.


・AC 7.450-1 is the new model name for our 7-axle, 450-ton lifting capacity all terrain crane (Formerly AC 450-7).

・AC 4.070-1 is the new model name for our 4-axle, 70-ton lifting capacity all terrain crane (Formerly ATF 70G-4).


AC 7.450-1                                                                                           AC 4.070-1


For lattice boom crawler cranes, the new model name will feature the type/family name, followed by the legacy series number, the lifting capacity in metric tons, and then the version number.

Example: CC 88.1600-1 is the new model name for our 1,600-ton lifting capacity lattice boom crawler crane (Formerly CC 8800-1).


CC 88.1600-1


For truck cranes produced in Germany, the new model names will feature the type/family name, followed by the number of axles, the lifting capacity in metric tons, and then the version number – just as with all terrain cranes. For telescopic boom crawler cranes, the current model names will be continued without change. Most importantly, in terms of daily business, Tadano remains committed to the continuity of support and parts delivery for new, current, and legacy products so that our customers will experience successful business as usual.

*Brand harmonization will not occur at this time in certain limited sales regions.

In addition to brand harmonization, other Tadano Group efforts are proceeding successfully, such as with integration efforts in our European and Pan-American Operations, respectively. Furthermore, the Tadano Group is engaging in exciting new innovations, such as new all-terrain cranes jointly developed by Tadano Faun and Tadano Demag, as well as new technologies and solutions that are environmentally friendly. The Tadano Group supports the recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and has set the clear goal of reducing CO2 emissions from its business activities worldwide by 25% and from its products by 35% by 2030, as well as becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Tadano Oceania along with the rest of the world will benefit through the efficiencies that this unification brings. The ability to centralise and focus our research & development teams will equate to us being able to provide new and innovative solutions faster, the alignment of technologies & components will elevate our ability to provide improved service, support, parts and training to our customers.

The announcement comes with a promise for the company’s customers: “Your passion. Our DNA.” The rationality behind that promise: “For our customers, cranes are more than just a product we sell. They are their passion, as well as ours. Our employees often say that cranes run in their blood – they are part of our DNA. In addition, we also want to convey an exclusive sense of purpose and dedication: No other manufacturer is as undividedly focused on lifting equipment as we are, and this goes both for our company as a whole and for each individual member of our team. For us, ever single lift that is performed out there is just as important as it is to the customer carrying it out.”

As Tadano focuses on the lifting equipment and lifting solutions that provide added value to our customers, the harmonization of branding, development of new technologies, and initiatives for a cleaner environment are further steps toward our strategic growth and our vision of “Pursuing Further Excellence for the World and the Future.”


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