First Demag® AC 60-3 in Australia goes to Cranes Combined

As far as Cranes Combined Managing Director Chris Kolodziej is concerned, there is no doubt that Demag make a good product: “For us, it was really straightforward to configure the crane in such a way that it would be able to handle most jobs by itself and without expensive escort vehicles. In addition, it features the longest main boom of its class, with the length coming in at 50 meters. In many cases, this eliminates the need to carry and use the fly jib,” he mentions as important reasons for his purchase decision.

He also considers the long main boom to be a significant jump forward in comparison to the crane’s predecessor, the Demag AC 60L-3, which continues to do its work for the company together with an AC 35-L with absolute reliability. “When using the AC 60L-3 with its 44-meter boom, sometimes we ended up needing the additional fly, and then we wouldn’t be able to bring it on the crane due to axle load limits. This would result in additional costs of transporting it to site, and then fitting it to the crane. We will not only be eliminating these costs with this new crane, but will also be able to pass on the savings to our customers,” explains Chris Kolodziej, who also admits that he finds the AC 60-3 aesthetically pleasing: “It really is an eye-catcher with its modern design, and our customers are really happy having it on their sites.”

The technology and high reliability behind the Tadano and Demag brands were not the only things that tilted the scale in favour of the AC 60-3. The relationship with Tadano Demag Sales Manager Matt Fussel, was just as crucial a factor for Chris Kolodziej: “Nothing has been a problem; he has always ensured that all questions are answered, and he has always been ready to offer advice and alternatives. There was no hard sell, and he actually did a pretty good job selling a new crane while he was in lockdown, due to COVID-19. There’s no question about it: during our time owning them, Demag Cranes have been a great product. But what makes them a great all-around package is the excellent service and salesmanship.”

The AC 60-3 has already completed its first job for Cranes Combined successfully: “We had to carry out a high lift in a narrow alley. The AC 60-3 took care of it without a fly jib, saving time and money for both us and our customers – just like we’d expected. The crane is currently being used in general hire every day,” says Kolodziej.

*Photo L to R: David Lillistone (Product Support Technician, Tadano Oceania), Christopher Koldziej (Owner, Cranes Combined), Mark Denny (Crane Operator, Cranes Combined).

About Cranes Combined

Cranes Combined, which was founded in 1996, is the largest crane rental company in Tasmania and has the most extensive fleet of mobile cranes in the state. The company is 100% Tasmanian-owned and runs two locations: One in Hobart and another one in Launceston. Its range of services goes from residential construction and commercial projects to industrial projects.

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About Tadano Oceania

Tadano Oceania is 100-percent owned by global mobile crane manufacturer Tadano Group. Since beginning operations in the region in 2010, Tadano Oceania has had the goal of enhancing Tadano’s ability to fulfil customers’ expectations for sales and equipment and support of new and used mobile cranes. Its offering includes service, technical product support and spare parts supplies.

Tadano Oceania’s strategic network provides coverage all around Australia and the Oceania region, with a regional headquarters and service workshop in Brisbane, a sales branch and service workshop in Sydney, a sales branch and allied service workshop in Perth, and allied service agents in Western NSW, Darwin, Adelaide, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

About Demag

Newly part of the Tadano Group, the Demag brand embodies a 200-year legacy of providing intelligent and innovative lifting solutions. Demag’s city, all terrain and lattice boom crawler cranes offer capacities from 45t to 3,200t (50 to 3,520 USt), helping customers to enhance their lifting efficiencies on a range of infrastructure, renewable energy, building and heavy civil construction, utilities, and refining applications. Innovations like Sideway Superlift, Boom Booster, the awardwinning Fall Protection, IC-1 Remote, and IC-1 Plus technologies contribute to machine performance, safety and efficiency. Global Demag sales and service networks provide unmatched experience, high reliability and short response time.
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