GR-800EX Rough Terrain Crane

Like the GR-600EX, the GR-800EX is part of Tadano’s new generation of cranes that is ergonomic, user friendly, economical and has improved safety for operators.

This crane comes packed full of technology with Tadano’s AML-C, Positive Control, Eco Mode, Fuel Monitoring Systems and Hello-Net to enhance fuel reduction and emissions. The GR-800EX also boasts four steering modes and a new lightweight carrier frame.

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  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 80t
  • Boom: 12 m - 47 m
  • Boom extension: 10.1 m – 17.7 m
  • Max. Sheave height: 64.4 m
  • Max. radius: 46 m
  • Engine: Mitsubishi 6M60
    Carrier: 200kW (267 HP)
  • Dimensions: Length: 14.37 m
    Width: 3.31 m
    Height: 3.79 m