Xtreme Engineering buys the very first Tadano® ATF-120-5.1 in Australia

The delivery of the ATF-120-5.1 was a milestone for both Tadano and Queensland-based customer, Xtreme Engineering. Being the first crane of this model to be delivered in Australia for Tadano, as well as the first brand new crane that Xtreme Engineering has ever put into operation, marks a special occasion for both companies.

“The fact that we decided on the ATF-120-5.1 was no mere chance, as we already have a Tadano TR250E and a GT550E in our fleet and are extremely happy with the reliability of the two cranes. That’s why we trust the brand, not to mention Tadano’s exceptional customer service and product support,” reports Managing Director Scott Harrington, who then goes on to explain why the Tadano ATF-120-5.1 was the only crane that he seriously considered: “Even with a long main boom of 60 meters, the crane is light enough to travel with the hook block installed. From our perspective, that makes it an extraordinary machine when it comes to roadworthiness.”

On top of this, Xtreme Engineering needed the crane for an urgent project, and the ATF-120‑5.1 was already in stock in Queensland. “The Tadano team made sure that we got the crane within a matter of days, and with our logo and our company colors to boot,” reports Scott Harrington, who has nothing but praise for the Tadano service team and Sales Manager, Jason Perry.

Scott Harrington further explains how the new crane will benefit their business in the short and long term: “The ATF-120-5.1 is a cost saver to us because we don’t have to bring in a subcontractor to get the job done. This means that we’ll be able to get new major customers and tap into new kinds of business, especially since we have the only ATF-120-5.1 in Australia and are in a position to offer exclusive solutions. This crane makes us more attractive to the bigger clients because we can do the whole job.”

And his confidence is justified, as the job orders for the ATF-120-5.1 are very promising. “We have already used the crane for a wharf demolition project which is nearly finished, and we already have more jobs lined up for the future, including replacing pipes at an alumina refinery and putting together a port control centre for ship loading operations,” he said.

About Xtreme Engineering

Xtreme Engineering is headquartered in the Australian city of Gladstone, in Queensland, and has been growing steadily ever since its foundation in 2007. The company’s range of activities extends across a broad range of construction, maintenance, installation, and assembly work, and also includes nondestructive material testing and rope access jobs. Xtreme Engineering also offers its services in the form of complete packages, which are particularly well-suited to large projects in the mining, petrochemical, liquefied natural gas, and machine building industries, among others.

For more information, please visit www.xtremeengineering.com.au

About Tadano Oceania

Tadano Oceania is 100-percent owned by global mobile crane manufacturer Tadano Group. Since beginning operations in the region in 2010, Tadano Oceania has had the goal of enhancing Tadano’s ability to fulfil customers’ expectations for sales and equipment and support of new and used mobile cranes. Its offering includes service, technical product support and spare parts supplies.

Tadano Oceania’s strategic network provides coverage all around Australia and the Oceania region, with a regional headquarters and service workshop in Brisbane, a sales branch and service workshop in Sydney, a sales branch and allied service workshop in Perth, and allied service agents in Western NSW, Darwin, Adelaide, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.