Reliability and loyalty behind All-Terrain purchase

Brothers Nick and Eric Bucciarelli have been around cranes for almost their entire lives. Their grandfather had owned a crane company as has their father, and in 2011, the pair decided to go into business as well.

General Crane Services (GCS) now operates throughout the Perth metropolitan region and regional Western Australia, providing lifting, rigging and transport services for the construction, mining and industrial trades within WA.

It started out with a single 80tTerex Demag and a small team, handpicked for their dedication and expertise within the industry.

Now, the company has a fleet of more than 20 mobile cranes, ranging from three to 250t lifting capacities, with the ability to tackle larger projects with bigger cranes if needed. The latest addition is the Tadano Demag AC 160-5.

The Demag AC 160-5 is the most compact crane of its class: While other machines come in at a width of three meters or more, the AC 160-5 has a narrower width of 2.75m and a total length of 14.51m, making it also shorter than its classmates.

In combination with its 5-axle steering system, independent rear axle steering, and dynamic launch control, these features enable the crane to get to areas where other cranes would simply get stuck. The crane has a capacity of 160t, a main boom length of 68m, and a maximum travel speed of 85km/h.

Nick Bucciarelli, Managing Director of General Crane Services, says loyalty is the backbone of the business.

“We have stayed loyal to our suppliers, who in return have provided us a reliable fleet,” Bucciarelli says.

This can be seen clearly across GCS’s fleet, with every crane carrying the Tadano Demag brand due to their reliability and technical offerings.