Business update from Tadano Oceania

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 situation, we’d like to update you on what Tadano is doing locally and globally to ensure your business operates as efficiently as possible during this difficult time.

As a group, we have established robust systems to ensure both the safety of our staff and to provide customers with the services they require.  As of today, we have secured our offices from customers and the public and have introduced new contact methods for parts and deliveries. If a customer is required to pick up parts, they’ll need to confirm guidelines to collect the part with their parts contact person. Similarly, workshop crane deliveries will need to be coordinated with the applicable state workshop manager.

What have we done locally?

1)  Where possible, all staff have been instructed to work from home;
2)  Office operations have been minimised and we have implemented split rosters to ensure operations continue;
3)  We have a full air travel ban in place;
4)  Established safe working practices around limited contact and social distancing, no face to face meetings and limited contact with suppliers; and
5)  Daily management meetings to ensure the business responds to the situation as required.

Even with all these protocols in place, we are continuing to effectively service our customers’ requirements and are completing some large projects.

We have service teams established in all states throughout Australia, which has allowed us to complete breakdown and repair requirements, despite the cancellation of flights.

Changes to the delivery of spare parts

Given the large stock holdings we have in Australia, along with our distribution warehouse in Singapore, parts supply is still strong. However, due to the current flight restrictions, we are experiencing some delays in the delivery of parts to our customers.

To combat this issue, we have setup an account with Mainfreight Transport and have implemented a plan for Perth cargo to be shipped to Sydney and then transported by road to Perth. Brisbane orders will be sent to Sydney airport, and then transported by road to our head office in Brisbane or our parts warehouse in Eagle Farm.

With the high volume of flight cancellations throughout the globe, freight carriers are increasing their costs for deliveries and are changing their fees daily as the situation evolves. We have no control on pricing, and are being forced to obtain spot pricing per shipment (even from Mainfreight). If the flight for a shipment gets cancelled, we have to request a new quote to see the price difference. We are speaking to the freight carriers daily to ensure we keep on top of any changes that affect deliveries.

What are we doing globally?

All our products and supplies are sourced from varied countries such as Japan, Germany and Singapore, and with these countries come additional restrictions and compliance. Tadano has instilled best practice on a global scale to ensure that – even with controlled shutdowns – we are servicing our customers’ requirements.

Japan and Singapore are working in conditions similar to ours and there has been no limitation to parts orders or external support. We continue to place weekly stock orders as required.

In Germany, both TFG (Faun) and TDG (Demag) factories have reduced production due to local restrictions, but support teams are in place to provide supplier technical experience and parts as required.

Looking ahead

Given our robust stock management plan, we have plenty of new machines in stock, both here and ready in the factory, to last us through the near future.

As always, we value our customers’ ongoing support. Please rest assured that we are doing everything possible in the background to minimise disruptions.

As the spread of Coronavirus infections continues throughout the world, we remain aware that prolongation of this situation could potentially increase impact on the Tadano Group, including our supply chain. We will continue to update our customers, staff and the public on any further changes.

Please ensure that you, your families and your employees stay safe during these challenging times, as above all else, health and family come first.