Bauma 2019: Thousands witness the future of hoisting technology

Bauma 2019

The Bauma 2019 trade show attracted a record-breaking 620,000 visitors from all over the world.

On the Tadano stand, visitors saw a range of innovative lifting solutions; some are already shaping developments in mobile crane and hoisting technologies; others are sure to do so in the near future. Inside the booth, there were demonstrations of Tadano’s digital technology innovations. And away from the show ground, there were bus tours to the factory in Lauf.

Tadano is, increasingly, a global group, whose products are the results of engineering minds from around the world coming to together. It was therefore appropriate that the focus of this year’s Bauma for Tadano was on how the production of the entire group meets the specific needs of various different countries. Mr. Koichi Tadano, President and CEO, took the opportunity to inaugurate the stand on the first morning and welcome Tadano team members from all around the world with words of encouragement.

The new all terrain ATF-120-5.1 and ATF-100-4.1 captured the attention of visitors. Both cranes meet the Euromot Stage V emissions standard and share the same modular superstructure with a newly developed 60-metre main boom and 3.5 to 31.7-metre jib. Thanks to a hydraulic folding device, a solo operator can unfold the jib from the main boom and pin it via a crank handle from the ground. Both models continue Tadano’s proven dual-engine concept, providing optimized power for both driving and lifting functions. Thanks to the new boom, the ATF-120-5.1 is consistently the most powerful crane of its class across the chart. It can also carry a lot on board: with 9.2 tonnes of counterweight, slings, and a 17.7-metre jib with integrated heavy-duty jib it still weighs less than 12 tonnes per axle. With 24 tonnes of counterweight it remains compact at 2.75 metres wide; and with 35.4-tonne ballast, the ATF-120-5.1 still has a slewing radius of just 4 metres.

The centrepiece of the ATF-100-4.1 is the boom. With it, the crane achieves market leading lifting capacities – twice as much as competitor models in parts of the chart. Agile and compact, the ATF-100-4.1 scores particularly highly on narrow roads and confined construction sites. Like its five-axle sister, it remains lean at 2.75 metres even with 24-tonne counterweight and even with 30.4 tonnes has a slewing radius of just 3.8 metres.

Australian visitors studied the rough terrain GR-200EX that has been developed for their market. Four cameras give the driver complete peripheral vision around the crane while a fifth camera warns the driver of any difficult-to-spot objects approaching on the left side of the vehicle. Large-screen monitors were put up next to the crane to demonstrate this Tadano View System.

Inside the booth, Tadano welcomed visitors to the Innovation Area, showcasing technologies including Lift Visualizer and Lift Compass. Lift Visualizer uses images from a load monitoring camera, enabling the driver to watch a load in the distance or in a blind spot from directly above. The screen also displays the performance range of the crane in real time. It gives an instant check on
the critical area, ensuring safe and reliable crane operation.

Lift Compass is a new type of radio remote controller that allows the operator to leave the cabin and operate the crane near the load while keeping an eye on it. It is an innovative radio control system that allows the load to be moved in the same direction in which the operating lever is moved, once the positioning of the operator and crane have been input. It allows the crane to be operated intuitively and freely, without worrying about individual operations, such as turning and lifting or lowering.

As well as cranes outside and technology demonstrations inside, there was a third dimension to Tadano’s booth at Bauma – for visitors keen to test the controls of Tadano’s cranes or
see how they are made, there was a daily bus service to ferry them to the factory in Lauf, two hours’ drive to the north. More than 250 visitors took up this opportunity.

On one evening during the week Tadano and Tadano Faun hosted a gala dinner for customers and distributors with approximately 400 in attendance. On another evening there was a party specially for North American visitors, with 200 guests.